What is Happening??

The world that I grew up in is gone, never to return. I have got to accept that bit of knowledge & try to figure out how in the hell I can survive from this point forward.

My one grandchild will have to make it through one living nightmare. The parents as all the rest are by far the laziest bunch I’ve ever seen. They would rather tell that child no a hundred times than to get off their asses & correct the bad behavior. The wife & I take this child ever chance we get to hopefully correct the behavior but it’s truly hard to do that since this child lives with parents who’d rather demand & expect their alone time than to have this child around them. Sad, so fucking sad…

The two party system here in the US is a joke. Granted the left is by far the most insane & stupid bunch I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing but the right ain’t much better. The two most recent mass shootings was only just talking points for both sides. PLEASE someone explain to me how it’s a gun problem. I as many Americans have loaded guns on ourselves, in our vehicles & homes but none of this loaded weapons have shot anyone by themselves. It’s a damn people problem. We have children raised in fatherless homes. We have children raised by parents who spend WAY to much fucking time on their cell phones than to spend time with their child. We have children who are pissed since their parents bought them a vehicle but not the one they wanted. Does anyone remember the “Dog Whisper”? I watched him many times & EVERY time this was not a dog problem, it was a people problem. This is the exact same problem we are having with children today. Today’s children are no different than years ago. They are born to disobey & push EVERY limit set before them. The problem is the parents. This ALWAYS reminds me of the movie “Parents” where Keanu Reeves tells his mother in-law about his father as he was growing up. “You have to have a license to drive, hell even to fish but they will let any asshole be a parent!” So true…

I’m amazed at all the uneducated people out there who claim knowledge about firearms. Hell I watched a YouTube video of someone from the Army telling a reporter how you can take the AR-15 into fully semi-automictic mode. Really?? What a dumbass…

The funniest thing about all of this is how all the grief the left has given the right about so many things is now biting them in their ass. Sarah Silverman was fired from a move because they found a picture of her in blackface from several years back? No one can conduct a comedy tour at any colleges. Hell, Berkeley in CA shuts down free speech now. When I was growing up, that was the MOST liberal college in the US & thrived on free speech & welcomed opposing ideas against the government. Not today. And what’s even worst is the people in charge of these children do nothing. It’s just like the last video I watched where a female who was writing a story about something & her editor was going over with her about changes that needed to be made. The main point this young female was stuck on was the spelling of “Hampster” Her editor said that was incorrect & that it needs to be “Hamster” instead. The reporter’s defense was this is how she has ALWAYS spelled it. She even called her mom to get her to talk with the editor. What a fucking joke!!! That retard reporter should have been fired on the spot.

Sorry for such a long post but I had to get this all out of my system before I broke….


The POTUS has played the democratic party as fools & they cannot see it. I don’t agree with everything that comes out of his mouth but he gets things done with or without the help of his so called party. We the people have got to come together & get term limits for Congress at all cost. Congress as a whole have not fulfilled what they were elected to do. The vast majority only care about lining their pockets with reelection money from special interest, insider trading & making laws that excludes them while making EVERYONE else abide by those laws. ALL OF THIS NEEDS TO STOP. The only way this will stop is that we need to stand united as a nation. I truly believe they are keeping us divided so they can stay in power.

I cannot speak for every state but I can for Arkansas. We do not care what your skin color is, do you believe & cherish American Values, believe in our Constitution & Bill of Rights? Here where I live, you can swing your arms as wide as you want until you invade the personal space of someone else. At that point, you bring your arms in & quit swinging them. If you don’t, then that person has the right to defend themselves against you. Plain & simple.

Trump has come to DC as an outsider & has upset their way of life for hundreds of years. These people become millionaires off our taxes & make laws that apply to us but not to them so they can continue their greed.  WAKE UP!!!

Am I Truly Surrounded By Idiots?

I haven’t posted since January because of all of the BS I’ve been watching on all three news channels.  It is unbelievable of just how damn stupid people are.  Every day I hear or read something I just cannot believe someone said.  It’s sad to know that my great country has so many uneducated people in it.  If all of these fools truly believe in what they are stating as facts then why in the hell are you still living here?  A lot of these fools promised they’d move to Canada if Trump was elected but 2 years into it, not a one kept their word.

Thank God I live in Arkansas.  While other states have lost their minds, at this moment, I can say, Arkansas is not one of them.  From what I can gather, it’s getting worse day by day.  I believe it’s going to take a civil war to stop what’s going on.  There will come a day when people like myself will have enough of all of this shit, draw a line & let loose on the idiots who think they can cross that line.  I live & let live but when you begin to force your beliefs down my throat, we have a problem.  I can promise you will not like nor endure when push comes to shove & it’s at a tipping point now.  I can take all the name calling these idiots resort to since they do not have the knowledge to debate the facts but when you touch me, steal or demolish my stuff or spit on me then dumbass, you just crossed that line.  Correcting these idiots won’t take long.  How could it when they do not even know if they are male or female or which restroom to use?

Keep it up idiots, keep poking this dog & you will quickly regret it.  Your elders should have instilled the knowledge of “Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie” in you when you were a child.  Here soon, y’all are going to figure out we have had enough & y’all will be covered when we release this shitstorm upon y’all.  I suggest y’all learn how to debate & respect other’s opinions instead of getting physical.

19 Kids & Molesting

Just read where that show could return.  How sad.  Believe me, I understand better than most how teenagers make some of the worst life decisions possible but as parents of that child, you’ve got to do the right thing no matter how much it hurts your child.  I do not know the complete story so I cannot comment & be 100% correct in my feelings.  What I do feel is that molesting a child is  unforgiveable.  Hiding a known molester is just as unforgivable if not worse.  I’m not God nor shall I ever become to his perfection.  He can forgive, I cannot…

Let The Market Decide…

We have lost enough freedoms to the government.  If a business decides not to serve anyone because of their religious beliefs then so be it.  Unless their local, state or federal governments are giving them money to run their business then it’s none of the government’s business who they serve or don’t serve.  I can promise the market will take care of itself without any help.  It’s a joke to even have this become the topic it has in the last couple of weeks.  Why don’t we take all this coverage & help feed the hungry here in the state?  Make sure the homeless have a warm, safe place to stay until they get back on their feet?  Take care of our Vets?  Believe me, I could go on & on here.  I can already see that our generation will go down in history as the biggest bunch of dumbasses ever…

Kudos To Arkansas’s 90th General Assembly

Read where our Senate backs bill to set up drug testing for welfare applicants.  The bill still has to go to the House & I’m interested reading about that outcome.  I know there are many like myself on this matter that feel if they can buy drugs to get high then they don’t need my tax dollars to buy food.  I understand that this is only a pilot program & they really want data for one year to see if this cost more than if would save the state.  If carried out correctly, I bet this saves money.

Arkansas Death Penalty?

Got up this morning to read in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette where our Senate is trying to pass Bill 298 to abolish the death penalty. I have to strongly disagree with our former Attorney General that the state’s death penalty is broken.  It’s the justice system that’s broken. I never understood how anyone could think the death penalty is a deterrent. To me, the death penalty is the assurance that the person who commits the crime pay for it with their life so the public will never have to worry about the prison board letting him out to commit other crimes in the future. I was glad to read where others stood up to this & stated that it was their job to fix the problem not abolish it.