What is Happening??

The world that I grew up in is gone, never to return. I have got to accept that bit of knowledge & try to figure out how in the hell I can survive from this point forward.

My one grandchild will have to make it through one living nightmare. The parents as all the rest are by far the laziest bunch I’ve ever seen. They would rather tell that child no a hundred times than to get off their asses & correct the bad behavior. The wife & I take this child ever chance we get to hopefully correct the behavior but it’s truly hard to do that since this child lives with parents who’d rather demand & expect their alone time than to have this child around them. Sad, so fucking sad…

The two party system here in the US is a joke. Granted the left is by far the most insane & stupid bunch I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing but the right ain’t much better. The two most recent mass shootings was only just talking points for both sides. PLEASE someone explain to me how it’s a gun problem. I as many Americans have loaded guns on ourselves, in our vehicles & homes but none of this loaded weapons have shot anyone by themselves. It’s a damn people problem. We have children raised in fatherless homes. We have children raised by parents who spend WAY to much fucking time on their cell phones than to spend time with their child. We have children who are pissed since their parents bought them a vehicle but not the one they wanted. Does anyone remember the “Dog Whisper”? I watched him many times & EVERY time this was not a dog problem, it was a people problem. This is the exact same problem we are having with children today. Today’s children are no different than years ago. They are born to disobey & push EVERY limit set before them. The problem is the parents. This ALWAYS reminds me of the movie “Parents” where Keanu Reeves tells his mother in-law about his father as he was growing up. “You have to have a license to drive, hell even to fish but they will let any asshole be a parent!” So true…

I’m amazed at all the uneducated people out there who claim knowledge about firearms. Hell I watched a YouTube video of someone from the Army telling a reporter how you can take the AR-15 into fully semi-automictic mode. Really?? What a dumbass…

The funniest thing about all of this is how all the grief the left has given the right about so many things is now biting them in their ass. Sarah Silverman was fired from a move because they found a picture of her in blackface from several years back? No one can conduct a comedy tour at any colleges. Hell, Berkeley in CA shuts down free speech now. When I was growing up, that was the MOST liberal college in the US & thrived on free speech & welcomed opposing ideas against the government. Not today. And what’s even worst is the people in charge of these children do nothing. It’s just like the last video I watched where a female who was writing a story about something & her editor was going over with her about changes that needed to be made. The main point this young female was stuck on was the spelling of “Hampster” Her editor said that was incorrect & that it needs to be “Hamster” instead. The reporter’s defense was this is how she has ALWAYS spelled it. She even called her mom to get her to talk with the editor. What a fucking joke!!! That retard reporter should have been fired on the spot.

Sorry for such a long post but I had to get this all out of my system before I broke….


The POTUS has played the democratic party as fools & they cannot see it. I don’t agree with everything that comes out of his mouth but he gets things done with or without the help of his so called party. We the people have got to come together & get term limits for Congress at all cost. Congress as a whole have not fulfilled what they were elected to do. The vast majority only care about lining their pockets with reelection money from special interest, insider trading & making laws that excludes them while making EVERYONE else abide by those laws. ALL OF THIS NEEDS TO STOP. The only way this will stop is that we need to stand united as a nation. I truly believe they are keeping us divided so they can stay in power.

I cannot speak for every state but I can for Arkansas. We do not care what your skin color is, do you believe & cherish American Values, believe in our Constitution & Bill of Rights? Here where I live, you can swing your arms as wide as you want until you invade the personal space of someone else. At that point, you bring your arms in & quit swinging them. If you don’t, then that person has the right to defend themselves against you. Plain & simple.

Trump has come to DC as an outsider & has upset their way of life for hundreds of years. These people become millionaires off our taxes & make laws that apply to us but not to them so they can continue their greed.  WAKE UP!!!

Am I Truly Surrounded By Idiots?

I haven’t posted since January because of all of the BS I’ve been watching on all three news channels.  It is unbelievable of just how damn stupid people are.  Every day I hear or read something I just cannot believe someone said.  It’s sad to know that my great country has so many uneducated people in it.  If all of these fools truly believe in what they are stating as facts then why in the hell are you still living here?  A lot of these fools promised they’d move to Canada if Trump was elected but 2 years into it, not a one kept their word.

Thank God I live in Arkansas.  While other states have lost their minds, at this moment, I can say, Arkansas is not one of them.  From what I can gather, it’s getting worse day by day.  I believe it’s going to take a civil war to stop what’s going on.  There will come a day when people like myself will have enough of all of this shit, draw a line & let loose on the idiots who think they can cross that line.  I live & let live but when you begin to force your beliefs down my throat, we have a problem.  I can promise you will not like nor endure when push comes to shove & it’s at a tipping point now.  I can take all the name calling these idiots resort to since they do not have the knowledge to debate the facts but when you touch me, steal or demolish my stuff or spit on me then dumbass, you just crossed that line.  Correcting these idiots won’t take long.  How could it when they do not even know if they are male or female or which restroom to use?

Keep it up idiots, keep poking this dog & you will quickly regret it.  Your elders should have instilled the knowledge of “Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie” in you when you were a child.  Here soon, y’all are going to figure out we have had enough & y’all will be covered when we release this shitstorm upon y’all.  I suggest y’all learn how to debate & respect other’s opinions instead of getting physical.


I’ve been busy with work & my own problems with the justice system here in Arkansas so I haven’t posted in a while.  I have learned first hand you can lie under oath, pay someone to lie on your behalf & at this point get away with it.  Never will I EVER place faith in this state’s justice system again.  You are way better off seeking your own justice instead of relying on Arkansas’s courts.  Enough said about that.

While I’m at it, I’m sick of hearing about how the walls are closing in on the so called “Deep State”.  All of these post & comments about how there is going to be military courts to judge all the lawbreakers in DC is a joke.  This has been going on for decades & will forever.  Trump is the first & only President that We The People elected that wasn’t truly tied to either party.  I do believe he’s doing his best to regain control of this out of hand government but there’s no way he can accomplish that on his own.  It’s We The People who has to take back control thorough our votes.  We should stand as One Nation Under God to show the corrupt in DC that we have finally had enough of their lies.  We should only vote for ones who have never served in DC to wipe the slate clean.  We should stand together & pass laws to never again have career politicians hold office longer than four years.  Please explain to me how they can become millionaires on their pay?

As a nation, we must take care of our people first.  We have to have the wall but until it’s built, stop all immigration, period.  When we have our tax dollars go to help people who hate our nation is truly beyond me.  We have to take care of our vets.  They were sent in harms way & did what was asked of them.  Taking care of them is a no brainer.

What ever happened to the government hand outs we had back in the early 80’s?  The cheese, rice, beans, etc. that was a surplus from our farmers.  That should be given out to the population who do not want to work instead of a card that they can purchase better food than the ones who do work.

I know that I am not alone in all of this but some how we have got to come together & take back our nation from these crooks.  If we don’t, this great nation cannot survive.





You urge Americans to vote Demos yet you let someone walk because y’all though she didn’t mean to break the law.  While others have served time for doing A LOT less!  You are a joke!

Trump has the next election in the bag because of waters & idiots like her.  What I’m truly worried about is after that.  We have to keep this going & find another person who’s willing to put up with all the lies, anger, hate & calls for violence against them & their people who work for them.  I pray someone from the public sector will rise to the call.  As for myself, I would NEVER vote for someone who’s been in DC & has worked the crooked system that exist.  We have GOT TO FIND another outsider who will represent us again.  Hopefully GOD will answer the prayers of the American people again…

A Nation Of Pussies!

Never in my life have I ever witnessed this amount of weakness.  When is this nation going to wake up & raise boys into men like we use to?  As I have stated many times before, all of these fatherless families have taken a toll on our great country.  When you are a single parent & you spread your legs apart as many times as you can to birth as many of your bastard children that you can so you can get more money from this worthless government, I can understand why.  But know this, people are finally waking up & are getting tired of that kind of mind set.  We are tired of paying for your type of lifestyle.  I pray this country starts holding people accountable for their choices.  Rape is one thing but the vast majority is not getting raped.  They are having bastard kids for more money, plain & simple.

I just answered a MSN poll online that ask several questions about if I thought the USA was better off now compared to 5 years ago, etc.  Hell yes!  I know the way the POTUS handle things are not polite but he gets things done.  He sees the problems this government has created with all of the life time policy makers who are more dishonest than he is yet he is trying.  Against the media & both parties, he’s trying.  I will never understand why he’s held accountable for polices that were started before he ever held the office & up held by two other presidents.  This is the way the media works.  I do not believe any medial outlets nor what I see online.  Sad, very sad….

Hey San Antonio pussy, kino jimenez!

I can only imagine all the hate & replies you’ve had since you showed your true colors but here’s one more you can add, PLEASE come to Arkansas & take my hat.  Hell, I’ll even buy your gas if you promise to make the trip.  People like you need an overdue lesson that your mommy should had showed you.  I know you don’t have a father because NO MAN would ever let his child act like you did.  Picking on kids or the elderly is something that no approves except maybe the left.  A very sad day in our country that someone like yourself lives in this country.  That’s something I do not understand, if it’s so bad here then move!  People who feel like I do far outnumber the weak, ill minded, low life as yourself.  I hope while you are in jail, someone in there will show you what it’s like to pick on someone weaker.

Out Of Hand

I haven’t written anything for several months but after the last two months, I’ve got to say something.

Sorry but whether you swing right or left, any private business can refuse service for ANY reason to anyone.  As I have stated several times, the market place will take care of these practices.  I cannot understand why ANYONE would want to make a business serve them when it’s know their money is not welcomed.  Damn, grow up, grow a set & take your business elsewhere.  I do not have a problem in you letting everyone know that you were refused service & call for boycotting their business but you should do so in a civil manner.  You do not have the right to block others from their choice to do business with them, the end.  The government should NEVER have the right to make you serve anyone, no matter what.

Never have I witnessed all these assholes be so disrespectful to a current President.  Even if you did not vote for Trump, he’s the President of the United States & if you cannot handle that, then move where the majority think as you do.  Here’s a hint to help you chose too, it’s not here!  He did not win the election with a fix or help from another country.  He won by votes from the people of the United States who are tired of the two crooked system we have today.  I mean, damn, his opponent doesn’t go to jail for breaking the law because she didn’t mean too?  After hearing that shit, I wanted to go out, commit a federal crime & if or when I got caught just explain that I didn’t mean to.  Wonder how far I would have got with that logic?

I totally understand all the fuss of President Trump enforcing a border law that was started by Clinton & also enforced by two other Presidents to hopefully take some of the focus away from the IG report.  I know that NO ONE will ever serve time for what was done but at least the public will know just how corrupt this system has become.  Here I urge the public to sign petitions that limit terms for the Senate & House.

Please someone tell me how Maxine Waters is not arrested for the crap she had flowing out of her shitty mouth last weekend?  So now it’s acceptable to call for violence against someone who doesn’t think as you do?  If your logic is so bad that you are not able to defend it in a civil debate then you should rethink your stance.  Cussing & acts of violence are desperate acts of an uneducated person.  From all that I have seen these last few months, there are a lot of uneducated people out there but thank God, not enough of them to win an election.

Another School Shooting

I’ve been quite overwhelmed from this last shooting & I cannot wrap my head around all this.  First off, the deputy or deputies are cowards if what has been reported is true.  They should have rushed in, no question or excuses, end of that story.  If they cannot tell if shots are fired inside a building or outside, they should be made to find another profession.  The sheriff has been covering his ass from the very beginning.  Hey, Scott Israel, you hired some cowards.  You knew what happen way before you went to that town hall meeting & started placing blame instead of being a man.  Own up to that fact.  Yep it sucks to rush someone with an AR when you only have pistols but y’all signed up for that gig.  Y’all are paid to do that or did you not understand that you might have to do that during your job?

Another thing I cannot understand is how those students could pull off a meeting with the POTUS & a town hall meeting is such a short time?  Who’s footing that bill?  If I’m understanding correctly, this is the same age group that has been eating “tide pods” & now they have the overall answer to school shootings?  I do not think so…

The media is clueless at best.  I see reports of them showing how an AR is so damaging yet it’s a shotgun in the video they are recording.  These uninformed mouth pieces need to do their homework before they are allowed to place reports on air.  Even better, who are the dumbasses that let that kind of misinformation get by?

Please explain to me why these so called representative are guarded with guns & their children as well?  Sorry but where I sit, your kids are no more or less important than mine.  But that can be said about your medical coverage & retirement benefits as well.  The laws you worthless bunch place on the American public should be place on you as well.  Hopefully soon the law abiding public will wake up & make that happen.

One positive thing I witnessed during all of this was how CNN held that worthless sheriff’s feet to the fire about all the reports that were ignored about the shooter.  Good job!

I want to close saying this to the American public.  Have y’all not seen all the problems in our schools as well as out in public?  The problems we are facing as a nation is not with guns.  This is a parenting problem & a GOD problem.  More kids die from “texting & driving” or DWI’s than from guns.  So please spare me your BS about how you care for saving lives.  There were laws that were broken so please explain to me how adding any other law that is not enforced going to save lives?  We need BRAVE people in dangerous jobs that will protect those entrusted in their care.  We need BRAVE leaders who will stand up to those who misinform the public & state facts instead of what the uninformed wants to hear.  Being BRAVE is hard.  Not everyone can do that.  In fact, most run & hide or stay out of the danger instead of rushing in.  Please understand that this issue is not gray.  It’s black or white.  We GOT to come together as a nation & do what’s right.



Here’s another article about nursing home abuse.  At City View Villa in Los Angeles, a 96 year old woman is being serve an eviction notice because she placed “visible” cameras in her room to catch those caregivers red handed in not providing the services she’s paying for.  Please someone explain to me what the HELL has happened to this world.  Even the LAPD states that it’s not illegal to use cameras in the privacy of your own home.  I swear California is so screwed up.  Is there any way we can kick them out of these United States??