A Nation Of Pussies!

Never in my life have I ever witnessed this amount of weakness.  When is this nation going to wake up & raise boys into men like we use to?  As I have stated many times before, all of these fatherless families have taken a toll on our great country.  When you are a single parent & you spread your legs apart as many times as you can to birth as many of your bastard children that you can so you can get more money from this worthless government, I can understand why.  But know this, people are finally waking up & are getting tired of that kind of mind set.  We are tired of paying for your type of lifestyle.  I pray this country starts holding people accountable for their choices.  Rape is one thing but the vast majority is not getting raped.  They are having bastard kids for more money, plain & simple.

I just answered a MSN poll online that ask several questions about if I thought the USA was better off now compared to 5 years ago, etc.  Hell yes!  I know the way the POTUS handle things are not polite but he gets things done.  He sees the problems this government has created with all of the life time policy makers who are more dishonest than he is yet he is trying.  Against the media & both parties, he’s trying.  I will never understand why he’s held accountable for polices that were started before he ever held the office & up held by two other presidents.  This is the way the media works.  I do not believe any medial outlets nor what I see online.  Sad, very sad….

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White male born in Arkansas back in 1962. Grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance & the town prayed before sporting events. I knew that if I disrespected any teacher, I would be corrected in school & at home. I was raised to respect my elders & the police. Sad but I feel like a dying breed. I've slowly watch my country lose it's morals because political idiots took God out while I sat idly by. Shame on my generation....