I’ve been busy with work & my own problems with the justice system here in Arkansas so I haven’t posted in a while.  I have learned first hand you can lie under oath, pay someone to lie on your behalf & at this point get away with it.  Never will I EVER place faith in this state’s justice system again.  You are way better off seeking your own justice instead of relying on Arkansas’s courts.  Enough said about that.

While I’m at it, I’m sick of hearing about how the walls are closing in on the so called “Deep State”.  All of these post & comments about how there is going to be military courts to judge all the lawbreakers in DC is a joke.  This has been going on for decades & will forever.  Trump is the first & only President that We The People elected that wasn’t truly tied to either party.  I do believe he’s doing his best to regain control of this out of hand government but there’s no way he can accomplish that on his own.  It’s We The People who has to take back control thorough our votes.  We should stand as One Nation Under God to show the corrupt in DC that we have finally had enough of their lies.  We should only vote for ones who have never served in DC to wipe the slate clean.  We should stand together & pass laws to never again have career politicians hold office longer than four years.  Please explain to me how they can become millionaires on their pay?

As a nation, we must take care of our people first.  We have to have the wall but until it’s built, stop all immigration, period.  When we have our tax dollars go to help people who hate our nation is truly beyond me.  We have to take care of our vets.  They were sent in harms way & did what was asked of them.  Taking care of them is a no brainer.

What ever happened to the government hand outs we had back in the early 80’s?  The cheese, rice, beans, etc. that was a surplus from our farmers.  That should be given out to the population who do not want to work instead of a card that they can purchase better food than the ones who do work.

I know that I am not alone in all of this but some how we have got to come together & take back our nation from these crooks.  If we don’t, this great nation cannot survive.




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White male born in Arkansas back in 1962. Grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance & the town prayed before sporting events. I knew that if I disrespected any teacher, I would be corrected in school & at home. I was raised to respect my elders & the police. Sad but I feel like a dying breed. I've slowly watch my country lose it's morals because political idiots took God out while I sat idly by. Shame on my generation....