Arkansas Death Penalty?

Got up this morning to read in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette where our Senate is trying to pass Bill 298 to abolish the death penalty. I have to strongly disagree with our former Attorney General that the state’s death penalty is broken.  It’s the justice system that’s broken. I never understood how anyone could think the death penalty is a deterrent. To me, the death penalty is the assurance that the person who commits the crime pay for it with their life so the public will never have to worry about the prison board letting him out to commit other crimes in the future. I was glad to read where others stood up to this & stated that it was their job to fix the problem not abolish it.

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White male born in Arkansas back in 1962. Grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance & the town prayed before sporting events. I knew that if I disrespected any teacher, I would be corrected in school & at home. I was raised to respect my elders & the police. Sad but I feel like a dying breed. I've slowly watch my country lose it's morals because political idiots took God out while I sat idly by. Shame on my generation....