Tax Refunds?

I read this today & really hope this isn’t true.

“The IRS commissioner says that even illegal aliens who didn’t pay taxes will be able to get back tax refunds with Obama’s executive amnesty!”

How is that possible??  If this is true then we as hard working Americans need to come together & get rid of everyone that was sent to DC.  No matter what any President wants to do, I’ve always thought the Senate could reverse any thing the President did by 2/3 majority.  Maybe not??

Years from now, we will go down as the most ignorant & lazy bunch in history for letting these types of things happen without even a whimper.  I’ve always said that if we ever would come together & stand our ground united & start holding those responsible things would change.  It’s a shame…Even when they are caught red handed, they serve no time & most times still get their retirement.  What a joke this government has become.  Until we completely get rid of EVERYONE there now & start new, these things will continue.  Surely by now you understand why they pay millions to get a that pays thousands…

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White male born in Arkansas back in 1962. Grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance & the town prayed before sporting events. I knew that if I disrespected any teacher, I would be corrected in school & at home. I was raised to respect my elders & the police. Sad but I feel like a dying breed. I've slowly watch my country lose it's morals because political idiots took God out while I sat idly by. Shame on my generation....