Speaking The Truth?

Read a story about a Nancy Gordeuk, a principal in Georgia was fired for a racist outburst during a graduation ceremony.  She was quoted saying, “You people are being so rude to not listen to this speech.  It was my fault that we missed the speech in the programme — Look who’s leaving, All the black people!”  I don’t know all the information other than what’s been reported so far but if that statement was true, why is she being punished?  I’m so tired of all the PC (political correctness) shit.  If it’s a true statement & it hurts your feelings, I’d suggest you grow up & change it or get use to the comments.  When has speaking the truth become offensive?  Now before I get comments from others, I want to make sure you understand exactly what I’m saying.  I’m not talking about my opinion as in, you look stupid with that hair color.  That’s my opinion not a fact.  However if all the black people were leaving then that’s a fact.  Well I know there’s some out there who would argue that out of the 100 blacks students there only 80 left so that’s not all…Which changes what the principle should had said to “most” of the black people instead of “all”.

So let this be a reminder to those who desire to speak the truth, chose your words wisely before you speak & make sure what you are saying is truthful.  You still will be fired because of the spineless leaders we have in power but your words were truthful when spoken.

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White male born in Arkansas back in 1962. Grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance & the town prayed before sporting events. I knew that if I disrespected any teacher, I would be corrected in school & at home. I was raised to respect my elders & the police. Sad but I feel like a dying breed. I've slowly watch my country lose it's morals because political idiots took God out while I sat idly by. Shame on my generation....