Nursing Homes…

Just read where nursing homes in California are pushing out poor & disable patients.  I realize that not all of these incidents are well founded but if one is true…??  This article further stated that the nursing home chain, Neiswanger Management Services (NMS) have illegally evicted residents to the point that Maryland’s AG filed a law suit against them.  As I’ve stressed to my two sons “BGRWJ” (Better Get Ready With Jesus) cause this type of behavior can not or really should not go on much longer.  Here I am again asking our new President, when he builds this wall he promised, PLEASE WALL OFF CALIFORNIA AS WELL!  The rest of the US can do without them.  We don’t need their taxes, actor’s opinions, food & whatever else they think we might need.  I never endorse anyone shooting up a place but damn, why can’t these crazies take care of some of these nursing chains??  Their (California’s) society takes better care of their criminals & illegals than they do their vets, homeless & nursing home patients.  I do not want anything to do with people like that…

Sutherland Springs…

When will enough be enough?  At first light, it seems that the Air Force really dropped the ball here.  There should be something major done about that.  Also, I’m so tired of reading & hearing the gunman’s name everywhere.  From now on why don’t the media just name them “chickenshits”?  Not even number them just say that another chickenshit  committed an unspeakable crime.  This evil person should have his genitals cut off, shoved in his mouth, stripped naked then hung on a rope for public display until he rots.  I’m not for so called government gun control since they can not even control all the pedophiles in their ranks but making a stronger back ground check by a private company should be discussed & figured out so people like this chickenshit cannot purchase a weapon.  I know that he still could had purchase any of these guns from a private individual but why not have that person serve time like someone who drives a getaway car for a bank heist?  I mean that if a private individual sells to anyone without calling a number to do a simple background check then he is just a guilty as the one who pulls the trigger.

Thank God there were two brave men who made this a lot less worse than what it could had been.  Thank you both.

The NRA should turn loose of some of their billions they spend on lobbing & use that money to start up a private company that can handle doing a complete & useful background check.  Our government is never the answer, we are.  Screw those in DC & let us over ride, by pass or what ever it takes to get this done.  I pray that someone who has the power to call me to lead this drive.  Truly this is such a simple problem that I PROMISE, I can fix.  For me, enough is enough!

So Wrong…

Another news items I’m sick of hearing about is Harvey Weinstein.  Yep, what he did shows the type of scum there but yet it wasn’t that bad since none of these women reported it after it happened.  To me, most of these women paid a price for their careers that they are now ashamed of.  Harvey survived all of these years (same as with Bill Cosby) because no one would stand up & report them to the proper people.  Let that happen down here in the south & see what would happen….The headline would read, “Weinstein is missing”.  I assume these women didn’t have a father or men in their lives who loved or cared for them.  Down here, the best thing that could happen to these types of men is to be caught.  I don’t know of one father, husband or boyfriend who would let that scum get away with that, even at the cost of their freedom.  Truly different worlds & I am so glad I live where I do.

MSN Poll

I just saw a poll on MSN that asked if the NFL should have implemented a rule that players must stand for the national anthem.  Right now it’s 59% – YES then 38% – NO & finally 3% – I’M NOT SURE.  For the dumbasses who don’t know, they already have a rule that they are not enforcing.  Can y’all see the problem here??  We do not enforce our drug laws, gun laws, immigration laws yet the left truly believes to fix these problems, they need to make more new laws!

When as a nation we will finally come together & make all of them serve term limits?  When will we get rid of ALL of those in office today & replace them with someone else?  The POTUS is trying his best to “drain the swamp” but he’s having to fight both parties since he’s not one of them.  I, like most Americans would vote for any NEW party member who has not been in Washington.  How in the hell can America ever go broke?  I always have my taxes taken out as by far the majority of the working class.  We should make sure who we send to DC understand that business WILL NOT continue as usual.  NO MORE money sent or promised or whatever they call it to ANY country that hates us.  NO MORE free phones, medical, food or such.  I understand that some have fallen on hard times & they need our help but give these people ONE YEAR to pick themselves up, dust themselves off & start working again.  If not then the churches could support them because for all I care, they can starve.


I for one do not care if they stand or knee, I’m done FOREVER.  I pray others follow me & NEVER turn on another game again.  Let them see & understand how they messed up a great thing for them.  I pray that everyone of those players have to get a real job.  I’m adding those who stood & owners as well because y’all should have had the balls to stand up to those who protested.  These guys have the media’s ear whenever they want it.  Should had done that crap on their time not company time…

Can You Not Understand??

I read that in Washington state, a 7 months pregnant woman was turned away from a restaurant for wearing a crop top & she was surprised at being shamed in the first place.  Please understand that being turned away for your attire is NOT being shamed.  You just did not meet normal people’s attire for that restaurant.  No more than I would if I walked in wearing only a G-string.  I’m not saying you cannot dress as you like but know that you could be denied service.  As a business owner, it’s NOBODY’S damn business who I chose to serve.  Free market will take care of a good business or a bad business.

When Will You Learn??

I’ve sworn off of flying EVER once they started all of this checking of old women & kids even though I see my ticket sales haven’t hurt them one bit…  Now I’m swearing off of going to the movies.  When did these so called “stars” believe they were political & their views were what we needed to hear & follow??  I ask people to quit flying at all so we could take back control & have them serve us as they should since we are paying instead of us catering to their wishes.  Well that haven’t worked.  But I’m still not giving up…Now I’m asking for everyone to quit going to the movies.  Let these so called “stars” work like the rest of us for a living.  Don’t get me wrong, what they do is very hard, I mean I wouldn’t suck someone’s dick for a part.  I’m glad they do, I enjoy to get away once in a while watching one of their movies but enough is enough.  Not for me any more.  I imagine like not flying any more, I’ll be by myself in this but at least I can sleep at night.

True Colors

As I’ve always felt about these mega churches, their pastors show their true colors….Joel Osteen will not open his church to help the Harvey victims.  Well, I should state he won’t until he can figure how to make money from it…  And now I read that he & his partner in crime is leaving this church to further their fortunes with reference of their product regenere….

Well as I’ve always stated, there better be a special place in hell for people like them.  To con millions of followers out of their money to further their wealth.  I can not understand how these fools can fall for such a person.

I know I will end up in heaven.  Maybe without as many crowns as most but that’s not what I was trying to achieve.  However, when I arrive & see the likes as osteen, I will turn my back at the gates & ask Satan for forgiveness & beg for him to let me in.

I know the scripture about the camel & the eye of a needle but why can’t the likes like the osteens reap what they sow now???

Media Does Not Understand!

I cannot understand how the TV host on all the major networks, major newspapers & pollsters cannot understand what the vast majority of the public wants?  Are they as out of touch as Washington?  I thought something might change once Trump was elected & all of the media would be more cautious before they opened their mouths but guess they are still going to cram their agenda down our throats as always.  The public choose Trump even though of the things he has said & done simply because he wasn’t in bed with all the special groups like Clinton was.  Trump’s slogan of draining the swamp is EXACTLY what the public wants.  It’s a shame that the independents cannot mustard the support they need to win & start getting these career politicians out of office.  I know the deck has been stacked against them but SOMETHING has to be done.  We need to stand together as a nation, vote both ruling parties out & start brand new.  Both the democrats & republicans have lost their way.  All they support is building their war chest so they can continue getting their special treatments, kickbacks, healthcare, etc.  If ObamaCare is so great, why isn’t the house & senate on it?? If the gun grabbing democrats want to take guns away, then their bodyguards should not be armed as well.  It’s time to vote people in office with morals & American values.

The violence in Charlottesiville, VA this morning is just the beginning.  I in no way support the clan but what, they cannot demonstrate while blm can?  Hell, blm where blocking roads. To be very honest, both are hate groups & we do not need this now.  We should come together & vent our anger at the people who they are truly angry at, our government….   We should support Greg Orman & help the Independents overthrow the dem & gop.  Mind you, this will not happen overnight.  Both parties coffers are running over with money but overtime I believe we can outlast their dying support & hopefully begin to build a better tomorrow in America but you have got to get out, find regular, honest people who know hard work & have the morals & values we once had in this country.  We can find these people but we have got to support them, never listen to major media or their polls & vote them in!

Black KKK not a “Terror Group” according to White House…

A online petition gathered over 141,000 names by using the same definition used to declare ISIS & other groups as terrorist groups yet your white house stated “it plays no role in designating domestic terror organizations nor does the u.s. government generate a list of domestic terror groups…  ”   The online petition asked the Pentagon to recognize the group as such “on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality & safety.”

We have got to get a new leader in the white house asap.  Someone who will call it like it is no matter if he gets elected next term or not…Y’all need to view YouTube videos from young black men interviewed on radio TV.  It was an eye opener for me.  I knew it was bad but not like what I saw on YouTube.  Several came right out & stated that they would kill police.  How come they are not held for questioning with the FBI?