Arkansas Death Penalty?

Got up this morning to read in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette where our Senate is trying to pass Bill 298 to abolish the death penalty. I have to strongly disagree with our former Attorney General that the state’s death penalty is broken.  It’s the justice system that’s broken. I never understood how anyone could think the death penalty is a deterrent. To me, the death penalty is the assurance that the person who commits the crime pay for it with their life so the public will never have to worry about the prison board letting him out to commit other crimes in the future. I was glad to read where others stood up to this & stated that it was their job to fix the problem not abolish it.

New Sheriff In Town

So glad there’s a new sheriff in Benton. The previous sheriff poorly handled himself while he was being arrested for public intox. I was very disappointed when Benton’s police chief didn’t detain him in a cell. He didn’t because of professional courtesy but to me when the previous sheriff acted the way he did when he was being arrested then he’s no different than any other person in that same situation. I know Benton’s new Sheriff will never disgrace that office ever. I was so glad to hear how he’s cleaning up the mess that was left at Benton’s jail too. Rodney Wright will do what’s right no matter what…

Do Not Understand?

I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone would want or demand to risk your sons or daughters to save theirs when as a grown adult, they made the choice to go overseas & help others in a known area that HATES anything Americans do.  I know not everyone over there feels the same way but until they stand on their own two feet, why should we send our troops there to help?

Hello world!

I’m just a simple country boy from Arkansas. I wanted to start a blog about my observations, views & opinions about what I see happening around the world as well as here in Arkansas.  I always thought that I’ve been in the vast minority but here lately, I found that not to be true.  I’m sick of how our US Government has taken away many of our rights & even more dumbfounded why we sit by & let it happen.  So now, I created a way for me to voice my opinions & maybe, just maybe someone agrees with me & bring other like minds together here.  If there could ever be enough of us, we could create change & change for the better.  All of the problems I read about everyday are not that hard to solve but the idiots in DC will never accomplish these simple tasks for worrying about not being re-elected.  I hope & pray a simple grass roots movement started here would open the ears of those in charge & if not, then as a group we can start removing those in office & replace them with those who can make these hard decisions to these simple problems.